This Girl

Hey friends.
Im Cody, I am a 24 year old girl living in Melbourne, Australia.
I believe I have a creative mind, so I am here to express all the creative things I do.
So I will give you a little insight to the things I love doing with my life and about the girl behind the keyboard!

I graduated high school in 08' as well as finishing a business admin course and various hair colouring and RSA certificates. - Going on to complete a hairdressing apprenticeship; working in the salon for 6 years I decided my path is to go somewhere different. I enrolled in make-up school only able to complete the first leg of it due to personal reasons. I now manage a designer store.

I love to cook, this is one of my greatest passions. I love to try new recipes and hosting events.
I have a mostly forgotten passion for reading. (I really need to get back into it.) I love to sew and craft and all sorts of D.I.Y.
I want to travel the world and experience the culture. I want to try native foods, experience the tourist attractions and just live life!
I love going out and exploring everything I possibly can.

I hope this blog shows my passions to you the way I feel them and I hope this blog has at least one person that reads enjoys it.

xxx Cody

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